Education Programs by Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman focus on Creative Solutions for Complex Dentistry®

I really enjoy dentistry. It is a combination of medicine, bioengineering, psychology and art. I was the founder and director of one of the more prominent New York City dental practices in for nearly 34 years. Our 16 dentists and specialists offered Creative Solutions for Complex Dentistry®. I retired from private practice in 2019 and no longer see patients.

I also enjoy teaching. I was a math tutor in high school, a summer school teacher while in college and a professor at both Columbia and NYU dental schools for twenty years. In addition, I created unique education programs within my dental practice for pre-dental and dental students, dentists, and also mentored inner city high school students.

Writing is my passion. I began writing my first book in high school. I created my first dental website in 1998. Today I publish 6,000 pages on the internet for visitors to read for free. About 1,000 pages of my work may be found on this website. I believe knowledge should be free.

–Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman