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This website contains thousands of pages of exclusive dental information created by New York dentist and professor, Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman, Director of The Center for Special Dentistry┬«. Our teaching private practice offers high-end multi-specialty cosmetic dental reconstruction with 16 cosmetic dentists and specialists. Much of the website information is within the Dental PhotosLibrary and Blog sections. In addition students interested in dental implants may visit our YouTube channel or our affiliated website, LinkowLibrary.org. They will see that Dr. Dorfman has a tremendous amount of experience in dental implants and full mouth reconstruction.

Students who are interested in applying to our teaching private practice programs should should visit these pages:

Dental Internship – Dental Shadowing – this is our predental program.
Advanced Dental Education Program – this program is for dental students and dentists.
Dental School Admissions Consulting Program – this program is for all applicants

Please carefully read these pages before you contact us.

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Dental School Admissions Consulting Program
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Semi precision attachments in prosthodontics
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