Good vs. Bad Dentistry. Part 12. Independent Private Practice

It is better to visit one or more dentist’s offices to learn about the details I discussed in this video series rather than conducting a phone “interview” and asking if they take your insurance. The Center for Special Dentistry® is an Independent Private Practice that offers Creative Solutions for Complex Dentistry®.  We do not participate in any managed care plans — and I just gave you twelve reasons why. Visit us if you seek a higher level of dental care.

Hi this is Dr. Jeff Dorfman at The Center for Special Dentistry in New York City talking about 12 ways people can differentiate between good and bad dentistry and good and bad dentists. I have been a master clinician in New York City for over 30 years, I have been a dental school professor at both NYU and Columbia dental schools for over 20 years, and I am the Director of Advanced Dental Education at the Center for Special Dentistry, and advanced teaching program for dentists around the world. It amazes me when so many people call up the office and they’re showrooming and trying to find a dentist by “Do you take my insurance?” or “Can you do this?” or “Can you do that?” It saddens me because that is not the way you should choose a dentist or any doctor. It’s a mistake. What you really want to look for are the things that I outline in this series of videos—honesty, good hands, sterility, quality materials, trustworthiness, detailed treatment planning, infrequent x-rays, lots of photo-documentation with photographs—those are the things you want to look for, and you need to make a physical visit to make a decision do you want that person to become your dentist. When people ask me “Do you take my insurance?” I say, “I’m sorry, but I do not.” And I just gave you 12 reasons why. This is Dr. Jeff Dorfman at The Center for Special Dentistry in New York City.