Comparison photos of teeth that show signs of bulimia anorexia from those that do not

photos show comparison bulimia anorexia and healthy teeth, eating disorder, balemia, bilimia
Comparison photos showing teeth that exhibit signs of bulimia anorexia (top photo) from those that do not (lower photo). These pictures are from two different people. Also see the section, Diet & Nutrition.
Bulimia anorexia, dental erosion, teeth damage, porcelain veneers
Dental treatment with porcelain veneers on the upper teeth of a woman who suffered from Bulimia and Anorexia. The veneers were placed three years ago while this patient still had remaining tooth enamel. The erosion on her lower teeth was from this disorder; her lower teeth were NOT drilled by a dentist. The lower teeth will now need all ceramic crowns because of insufficient remaining enamel for adhesive bonding. Preventive root canal is recommended before placement of the all ceramic crowns on the lower teeth because the pulp chamber may be seen in many of these teeth.