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Four upper porcelain veneers:

1.  Pre-op photo showing old bondings on the upper four front teeth that are short and chipped.

2.  Porcelain veneer preparation on these four upper front teeth.

3.  Palatal view of the veneers after cementation showing that three millimeters of incisal length was added.

4.  Post-op view showing the porcelain veneers on the upper four front teeth.


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Kerr Nexus NX 3 Adhesive Resin Cement

Henry Schein 40% Enamel Etchant

Pulpdent 9.6% Porcelain Etch

Pulpdent Silane Bond Enhancer

Optibond Solo Bonding Agent

Coltolux 75 Bonding Light

Luxatemp Automix Plus

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