Dental Education Programs

We welcome your interest in our dental education programs. For more information please follow the following two steps:

Our students, Taylor and Ashley, with Dean Denis Kinane University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine

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Summer students 2013


2a. Dentists and dental students should visit here:
Advanced Dental Education Program

Our Advanced Dental Education Program is for U.S.-trained and foreign-trained dentists and dental students from around the world who want to increase their knowledge of dentistry. Some students may refer to this as a dental internship but the more appropriate description is Advanced Dental Education Program. This program may, or may not, help a foreign-trained dental student or dentist get into a U.S. dental school in order to obtain an American dental license. This informal program teaches multi-specialty diagnosis, treatment planning, behavior management and treatment skills. Our focus is on super premium Oral Rehabilitation Dental Reconstruction (i.e. Smile Makeovers).


2b. Pre-Dental students should visit here:
Dental Internship

A Pre Dental Education Program is the appropriate name for what pre dental school students may refer to as a dental internship or dentist shadowing. This is an informal program for High School students, College students and College graduates from around the world who have NOT yet attended dental school. Our pre-dental school program offers pre-dental training and career guidance for students who intend to become dentists.

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