After acid etching apply dentin primer to remove the smear layer then apply bonding agent

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Technique for esthetic bonding. Note the groove and the piece of a matrix band placed interproximally. A matrix piece can sometimes be helpful when performing cosmetic dentistry.
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Tooth Bonding Technique and supplies. After acid etching apply All Bond 2 dentin primer to remove the smear layer. Then apply All Bond 2 dentin enamel bonding agent with dual cured catalyst. Bis-fil 2B self cured composite is next placed in the interproximal boxes and somewhat over the occlusal floor. It can be compressed into the interproximal boxes by condensing on preformed, already cured 2mm wide balls of Herculite XRV bonding material. Herculite XRV bonding material is added on top. Light curing should occur for 60 seconds on each the occlusal, buccal and lingual surfaces. A metal matrix with regular wood wedges work fine. Refine anatomy with a 48 round bur and finishing burs. Then use Fortify. This supply list is from approximately 1998. Some of the chemicals mentioned will undoubtedly have changed over time.
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Intramucosal Insert Dental Implant Armamentarium. 1) and 2) Top and Side views. From left to right: latch-type initial tissue preparation bur, latch-type tissue undercut bur, two intramucosal insert implants, long-shank initial denture preparation bur, and long-shank denture excess acrylic removal bur. A purple vibrating line pencil is on top. The technique is described in the Dental Articles section above.
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Dental implant surgery for the first stage implant in the lower first molar position. The abutment teeth have minimal restorations. 1) The pre-operative site. The clinical exam revealed sufficient width and depth of bone for the placement of the dental implant. 2) An osteotomy was made with a Sterioss bur with internal irrigation. 3) Radiograph taken to assure enough room between the apex of the implant and the inferior alveolar nerve. 4) Sterioss bur in position. 5) – 6) Implant placed with the carrier still attached. 7) Radiograph of implant confirming correct placement. 8) Primary closure of surgical site.