Instruments include plastic instrument endo explorer sodium hypochlorite syringe and Cavit

Cast Gold Post and Core Set-up tray set-up, endodontic explorer, plastic instrument,  plastic sprue
Cast Gold Post and Core Set-Up (Part 1) –
1. Basic Materials
2. Floss
3. Plastic Instrument
4. Endo Explorer
5. Sodium Hypochlorite Syringe
6. Para-Post Impression Post (Yellow or Brown color)
7. Vaseline
8. Cotton Packing Balls
9. Cavit-G Temporary Material
10. Light Body Permadyne (Dispenser and Tip) “Blue impression material”
Cast Gold Post and Core tray Set-up, peeso reemers
Cast Gold Post and Core Set-Up (Part 2) –

Instruments Required:
1. Peeso Reamers (Yellow or Brown color)
2. Crown/Veneer Bur Block
3. Peeso Reamers (1, 2 and 3)
4. Basic Instruments
5. High-Speed Drill
6. Slow Speed Drill
7. Slow Speed Attachment
8. Syringe