Cephalometric dental x-ray. #1 Preparation

Here is Jackie at The Center for Special Dentistry showing us how to take a Ceph. Jackie first took the x-ray film and erased any original content. She then takes the film and places it right side up making sure the “Air Techniques” logo is on the top left side. At the ceph machine it is turned on using the red power button. Correct alignment of the film is important so that the x-ray can be captured correctly. In order to change the machine to match “ceph settings”, at the pano machine, there is a dial with the “ceph A” and “Ceph S” settings. We want to make sure it’s on the “Ceph A” setting. Make sure the patient has the X-ray lead shield on their body. When the patient is situated inside the machine, you then take the remote and press the “R” button so that the machine can realign itself into the correct position. The machine is ready when the remote button “R” stops lighting up. The setting should be placed on “Adult.”