Panoramic dental x-ray. #1 Preparation

Hi I’m Jackie at the Center for Special Dentistry, and I’m here to teach you how to take a panoramic x-ray. Come on over here! So we’ve got our x-ray machine. We’re going to get first our panoramic x-ray film. It looks like this. We’re going to get it ready. So I already put it in here, and I’m going to take it out now. It erased everything that was in here. I’m going to take this which was entered with the white side facing up, and put it back in like this, so that “Air Techniques” is at the top left corner. I’m going to go ahead and close this so that when the x-ray comes around this side is the white side and this is where the x-ray will be. So we’re also going to get a little plastic thing like this and we’re going to take it to the x-ray machine. But I already put one over there, so let’s go to the x-ray machine!