Panoramic dental x-ray. #2 Patient preparation

Hi I’m Jackie at the Center for Special Dentistry, and I’m Emily, and intern here in New York City, and we are here to teach you how to take a panoramic x-ray. Emily is our patient here, and we are going to put the film into the panoramic. This can be movable, so I’m just going to put this right in the slot. It fits in, and the arrow is pointing the way, until we hear the click. So we are ready, and we have our little plastic thing on the mouthpiece. And now I have to assess what the height level is for Emily. Let me turn this on. In here we have a red button. It says “emergency off.” And I clicked it on, it takes a while for it to warm up. So here we have an up arrow and a down arrow, and we can move it up or down based on her height. I think this is the correct height. So Emily, do you have any jewelry on? If so please take them off. I am going to put on the vest. Now you can step on in. You are going to put your hands here. As you can see there is a red laser and you can see yourself in the mirror. The cross of the red is supposed to hit the upper lip. Now you’re going to put your teeth inside the grooves, just like that! So now I’m going to straighten your head, just like that, don’t be nervous. I’m going to take this and connect it, and I’m going to click on the R for rotate. We are going to check and make sure it doesn’t hit her shoulders, because when we take the x-ray it will come back around. Okay Emily we are ready to begin. Stay still, and you can breathe.