Panoramic dental x-ray. #4 Uploading the x-ray

Hi I’m Jackie at the Center for Special Dentistry in New York City, and this is part 4 of the series “How to take a panoramic x-ray.” We just took our panoramic, so now we will process the film. I’m going to move this forward, flip this, and access this so I can take this out. Now we will go develop our x-ray. Here we are. It’s already set up on the patient so all I have to do is click scan, and we’re going to put on the setting “Pan Standard.” I’m going to flip this, flip down the tabs, and it’s on the black side so I’m going to quickly take this and put it right here, and make sure that it goes down slowly and evenly. So now it’s going down and we are going ot click done when it says ready. Press done! Now were going to put it into the table and click okay. Now go into the exam and you can see that the left and right sides are backwards so were going to flip it so it’s normal. Now we are done! Click save, replace, and okay! That concludes are series on how to take a panoramic x-ray and develop it. Thank you!