How to close a teeth space or gap between the two upper front teeth

Before and after photos on cosmetic bonding the upper front teeth space between the upper front central incisors. This work was performed in our Cosmetic Dentistry office.

A 24 year old male patient presented to The Center for Special Dentistry for cosmetic dentistry on his upper front teeth.  He was very physically strong and equally afraid of dentists. He had only been to a dentist once before in his life. The motivation to fix his teeth was because he had a new girlfriend and wanted to improve his appearance.

We offer hope to people who think they are hopeless

For decades we have taught our students to offer patients hope. This is best accomplished quickly and comfortably, sometimes in only one or two visits. A patient will overcome the inertia to do nothing when they can see an initial result that makes them happy to smile.

How to close this teeth space

This cosmetic dental bonding to close this teeth space was completed in only one visit and without pain. Options included cosmetic bonding that was performed above. In addition porcelain crowns or veneers could have been offered. Separately root canal therapy might have been considered.

The informed consent discussed with this patient included all of these options. However the goal was to give the patient an immediate, cost effective improvement in his smile. We can always go back at a later time to do more. In this case this patient was able to maintain this simple treatment for many years. He was able to gain the motivation to overcome his fear of dentistry and seek care for the rest of his mouth.

A patient will seek dental care when they believe there is hope. It is important for young dentists to acquire the diagnostic and technical skills to make such work appear easy. This was readily accomplished in the treatment of this teeth space.

–Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman, Director
The Center for Special Dentistry