New York Cosmetic Dentistry after an accident that broke an upper front tooth

New York cosmetic dentistry for a broken upper front tooth. This multi-specialty work was  performed in our Cosmetic Dentistry office. We offer intelligent and honest diagnosis. Our treatment is quick and comfortable. We use the finest materials and top labs. In summary visit us when you are seeking the best midtown Manhattan has to offer.

A 46-year-old Wall Street executive presented to The Center for Special Dentistry after an accident resulting in a badly broken upper front tooth. Medical clearance was obtained from a hospital and our oral surgeon. There were no other injuries except significant cuts on his face.

New York Cosmetic Dentistry is the Top Large Multi-Specialty Group in Midtown

Our endodontist performed root canal therapy on this broken tooth. In addition he noted other nearby teeth had developed hairline fractures but tested vital. These other teeth did not require treatment at this time. Therefore we then began restoring the front tooth only.

In the meantime our periodontist reduced the gum height on the palatal side. This was necessary to access healthy, unbroken tooth structure. That would become the endpoint of the porcelain crown on the inside.

Subsequently we began experimenting with custom shades for the porcelain crown. The intention was to work chairside with our master porcelain ceramist. We focused on matching the shape and multiple tooth shades seen within the opposing front tooth. Particularly we also wanted to recreate the tiny but natural chips seen in the opposing tooth. The flaws add realism. Separately the gray translucency was added to the biting edge. This also matched the surrounding teeth.

The final porcelain crown was matched exactly to our specifications and the edges were shaped – including slight chips – to esthetically match the natural teeth. We don’t belong to managed care insurance plans so we can offer superlative New York Cosmetic Dentistry.

–Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman, Director
The Center for Special Dentistry