NY Cosmetic Dentistry on the lower front teeth to close the space

Before and after photos on NY cosmetic dentistry closes teeth gaps with bonding. This work was performed in our Cosmetic Dentistry office. We offer high end cosmetic and multi-specialty dentistry in midtown Manhattan. Our group includes 16 cosmetic dentists, specialists and porcelain lab ceramists in one office.

A young male presented to The Center for Special Dentistry for cosmetic dentistry to close the spaces between his lower front teeth. Spaces between front teeth are more common seen in patients of African descent. This is usually correlated with a tongue thrust habit. Therefore a cosmetic dentist needs to understand other dental specialities and have access to other specialists when needed. Otherwise this NY cosmetic dentistry could quickly fail.

Our NY cosmetic dentistry offers intelligent and honest options

Cosmetic bonding was placed on the lower front teeth to close the space. It was performed in less than one hour without the need for shots  — and without any pain. It was also the least expensive option.

Treatment options for this patient included braces, porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns. This patient refused to consider braces. Placing porcelain veneers or crowns on these teeth would have closed this gap. However it would have involved removing considerable tooth structure. As a result it would likely cause more post operative pain. In addition it would have been a lot more expensive.

Low volume cosmetic dentistry has benefits

Our procedures are performed with the extra time we need to properly perform them. We use top shelf materials. Lastly master ceramists work chairside with our cosmetic dentists to create stunning porcelain. In summary our patients are offered the best possible result. They may expect to enjoy the benefits of their new smile for years to come.

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