Treatment of a severe cross bite with a prognathic lower jaw and dental phobia

Before and after photos on cosmetic dental rehabilitation for a cross bite and fear performed in our Dental Anxiety Dental Fear office.

A pretty, retirement-aged woman presented to The Center for Special Dentistry seeking cosmetic reconstruction before moving down south to retire.  She had a severe cross bite and protruded lower jaw wherein her lower teeth were outside her upper teeth when she closed her mouth.  She was also extremely afraid of dentists but wanted a new life in many ways.  She immediately felt comfortable in our office.

The patient was initially given a full upper jaw of temporary crowns (caps) in one visit without pain.  The result above was completed in about three months.  Most of that time was just to let soft tissues heal.  The time involved for the actual dentistry was quite fast.

–Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman
The Center for Special Dentistry