Pericoronitis is a gum infection around an inflamed and painful lower wisdom tooth third molar

Photos on extraction of erupted wisdom teeth and pericoronitis performed in our Extraction Oral Surgery office.

pericoronitis, inflamed painful wisdom tooth third molar, gum infection, antibiotics extraction
Pericoronitis gum infection around an inflamed and very painful lower wisdom tooth (third molar). Note the flap of gum tissue covering the biting surface of the last molar. This is where the gum infection begins and is exacerbated when the patient bites on the swollen gum. Antibiotics and tooth extraction are indicated in this case because there is not enough room to predictably consider a distal wedge procedure.
partial bony erupted wisdom tooth teeth impaction, impacted oral surgery, third 3rd molar
Rationale for removal of an erupted wisdom tooth. The wisdom tooth is growing at an angle directly into the adjacent second molar tooth causing a cavity. The x-ray shows second molar after it already received root canal therapy before the wisdom tooth extraction.