A sulcular incision initially exposes the tooth and then overlying bone is removed using a dental drill

Photos of wisdom teeth removal or extraction created in our Extraction Oral Surgery office.

Extraction of an impacted mandibular wisdom tooth, sulcular incision, retromolar pad
Extraction of an impacted mandibular (lower jaw) wisdom tooth. A sulcular incision is shown extending into the retromolar pad to initially expose the tooth. Overlying bone is then removed using a dental drill before sectioning and elevating the tooth out of the socket.
oral surgery wisdom teeth tooth extraction Abscess Pain Extraction, Impaction
Wisdom tooth extraction and a big tooth cavity in the adjacent molar tooth. This x-ray and picture series shows an extraction of a horizontally-impacted lower wisdom tooth and an adjacent second molar tooth that has severe dental caries. The patient had a lot of tooth and gum pain. 1) Pre-op xray. 2) Tooth #31 had a temporary dental filling in it. Pictures 3) – 4) After removal of the tooth crown of #32 showing the residual empty tooth socket. 5) – 6) Minimal periodontal flap reflected to show exposure of the roots of #32 with sectioning – cutting. 7) Removal of first root. 8) Second root brought forward in the tooth socket and ready for removal.