Cosmetic dentistry treatment of a patient with a supernumerary tooth an extra tooth or mesiodens

Before and after photos on supernumerary or hyperdontia means extra teeth performed in our Extraction Oral Surgery office.

Supernumerary extra teeth, mesiodens, hyperdontia, ectopic tooth, enamel pearl, cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry treatment of a patient with a supernumerary tooth. Supernumerary teeth are one or more extra tooth that occasionally occur. This treatment involved extraction of the supernumerary tooth and cosmetic teeth bonding on the adjacent remaining teeth to close the gap spaces. Treatment time: one visit.

The supernumerary extra tooth was first prepared – drilled to make it narrower – to open the interproximal area between the remaining teeth. Dental bonding was then placed in the gap spaces on both teeth as if the supernumerary tooth was already gone. This allowed the bonding to be performed in a clean field without bleeding. Then the supernumerary tooth was extracted.

Supernumerary extra teeth, mesiodens, hyperdontia, palatally displaced ectopic tooth
Treatment of a palatally displaced supernumerary extra tooth adjacent to a broken upper lateral incisor with significant tooth decay. How to pictures and xrays. 1) – 2) Initial presentation – Before Photos. 3) Close up photo. 4) Radiograph. 5) The same tooth after gum surgery and initial tooth preparation. 6) Placement of the temporary dental crown. Note that acrylic was extended from the temporary on the lateral to the supernumerary tooth to provide initial stability of the temporary until root canal therapy and a cast post and core was placed. 7) X-ray of the final root canal therapy, cast post and core and crown on the lateral incisor and after extraction of the supernumerary tooth. 8) Final result – After photo.