A laser removes excess gum via laser gingivectomy without causing gum recession.

Before and after photos on lasers in cosmetic dentistry and dental implants performed in our Gum Disease Treatment office.

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A dental laser is used for cosmetic dentistry. This patient had a palatally inclined upper front right lateral #7 and she refused braces. Because this tooth was positioned towards the palate the gum was lower down around this tooth than the surrounding anterior teeth. We first placed cosmetic dental bonding up to the point of the gum line to give the patient an idea of how we could improve her smile. She subsequently elected to have a Porcelain Veneer placed on this tooth after using a laser to remove this excess gum, a laser gingivectomy. In these pictures one may see the apical extent of the cosmetic bonding to see how far down on the tooth the gum line was originally. One benefit of using a laser for the gum surgery is that a final impression for the porcelain veneer may be taken on the same day because there is no post operative gingival recession following laser dentistry. A video of this procedure may be found in the Library section of this website. A Sol laser from DenMat is used here.