Before and after photos of cosmetic dentistry treatment of grey and yellow teeth

Before and after photos on stains on teeth and a dark shade from tooth decay performed in our teeth whitening bleaching office.

teeth stains tooth stain coffee tea yellow smoking tetracycline staining color grey veneers

Before and after photos of Cosmetic Dentistry treatment of grey yellow teeth. 20 porcelain teeth veneers dental laminates were placed in two visits. This patients tooth color was not associated with coffee stains or staining from smoking. It was her natural teeth color.

Also see sections on Whitening, Porcelain Veneers and Prophylaxis.

coffee tea tobacco smoking tetracycline teeth stains tooth stain staining color silver filling
Tooth decay dental caries and stain removal following drilling out a large, old silver filling. How to treatment photos. Teeth stains are commonly associated with these amalgam fillings. If they occur in the gums they are called an AmalgamTatoo.
stains, tooth color staining, silver amalgam filling color cavity decay caries
Drilling out a cavity in a tooth also involves removal of stains when a large, silver filling is present. Before and after pictures of stain removal. Dental students should learn to use teeth color as one indication of the presence of dental caries. A prophylaxis teeth cleaning is worthwhile as an adjunct to comprehensive diagnosis because it allows the clear observation of the teeth without extrinsic staining.
interproximal decay cavity caries decalcification discoloration color stain staining
Interproximal tooth decay dental caries can be seen in these pictures during removal of an adjacent crown. Preparation into this tooth stain clearly shows the decalcification and the deeper cavity. Teeth stains and color are very useful in dental diagnosis. It is important to differentiate external extrinsic staining associated with coffee and smoking from internal intrinsic stains associated with disease.