Smile makeover for dental fear or phobia. For example this Wall Street executive was very afraid of dentists and dentistry

At The Center for Special Dentistry® we teach students to learn about the heart and mind of a patient before examining their mouth. It is a philosophy that guides all of our patient treatment. Above all one must have the skill to comfortably perform good dentistry very quickly. The before and after dentistry of a smile makeover for dental fear was performed in our high-end Smile Makeover office.

A Smile Makeover for Dental Fear Team of 16 dentists, specialists, porcelain ceramists and an MD anesthesiologist

Our multi-specialty group in midtown Manhattan is composed of 16 dentists, specialists and porcelain ceramists. Here nitrous oxide laughing gas is readily available. We also have an MD anesthesiologist who offers IV conscious dental sedation. We offer highly personalized and comfortable care in a relaxed, low-volume environment. Our specialists and porcelain ceramists visit our office as needed to provide superlative dentistry in one office. Incidentally we publish our techniques for administration of gentle novocaine.

Smile makeover for dental fear case example

This middle-aged Wall Street Chief Financial Officer was very afraid of dentists and dentistry.  He presented to our practice seeking fast and extremely gentle cosmetic reconstruction. Our treatment plan for the upper jaw involved removing four hopeless teeth. Then we performed root canal therapy, cast gold post and cores and gum surgery. Next we fabricated a complete upper jaw of lab-processed temporary crowns (caps). This was accomplished in nine hours between Monday and Friday of one business week.

The patient returned about three months later for insertion of his upper porcelain bridge. Above all his hands had stopped shaking in the dental chair because he was no longer afraid.

In summary our practice offers a smile makeover for dental fear with significant expertise and experience. 1985 was the year of our establishment. Moreover please spend time on this exclusive 4,400 page website. Learn about the breadth and depth of what we can do for you. Particularly find comfort that you are not alone and you can be helped too.

In conclusion there is no better time to start than now. Call us today.

–Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman
The Center for Special Dentistry