A female with severe dental phobia was hoping for a smile makeover without pain and fear

A 40 year old female with severe dental phobia presented to The Center for Special Dentistry hoping for a cosmetic reconstruction without pain and fear. The patient worked in television and needed to be able to smile.  Before and after photos on cosmetic dentistry without pain or fear performed in our Smile Makeover office.

Upon examination it was determined that the patient had several supra-erupted teeth, particularly one on the top front and three in the bottom front. She also had a large diastema (or gap) between the two top front teeth that she wanted closed. She wanted a fast result without braces.

The supra-erupted teeth on the bottom were first treated with root canal therapy to avoid any post-operative pain. The teeth were then reshaped with cosmetic sculpting and dental bonding material to match the height of the surrounding lower teeth.

The supra-erupted top tooth was removed and a temporary tooth was put in its place. After healing, the patient was given a custom made three-tooth bridge (with pink around the gum line) and a veneer on the top left lateral.  The pink gum was used to hide an area of significant bone/gum loss without the need for additional surgery.

The patient was ecstatic with the final outcome. She regained confidence in her appearance and became comfortable with dental visits.  The entire treatment took only four months.  The dentistry could have been completed in less than two weeks if we did not have to wait for the cosmetic healing of the gum following the upper front tooth extraction.

–Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman, Director
The Center for Special Dentistry