What differentiates Good Dentistry from Bad Dentistry? Part 2. A Good Dentist?

The Center for Special Dentistry® in New York, NY offers Creative Solutions for Complex Dentistry®. Multi-specialty Cosmetic Dentistry and Smile Makeovers offered quickly & comfortably. 14 cosmetic dentists & specialists in one dental office.  This video on Good vs. Bad Dentistry. Part 2. Good Dentist? was performed in our Smile Makeover office.

Hi, I’m Dr. Jeff Dorfman at The Center for Special Dentistry in New York talking about 12 ways people can differentiate a good dentist from a bad dentist, and good dentistry from bad dentistry. There are many ways people can try to learn about a dentist. They can look at review sites, they can look at diplomas on the wall, but many times it can be really difficult to know who is a good dentist. There are many things we will discuss in this series of videos to give you an idea on what to look for.