Incisal adjustment tooth reshaping whitening and bonding and a congenitally missing lateral

Before and after photos on how to reshape crooked teeth cosmetic dentistry performed in our Smile Makeover office.

sculpting, incisal adjustment reshaping recontouring occlusal teeth crowding crooked recontour
Incisal Adjustment (tooth sculpting) Bleaching and Bonding. Treatment time: 2 visits!
sculpting, tooth reshaping, recontouring, incisal edge occlusal adjustment modification crowding
Bonding & Sculpting (reshaping).
The patient’s canine teeth were congenitally in the lateral incisor position bilaterally. The canines were shortened and bonding was added to the mesials to square them. The mesio-incisal of #8 was also bonded after sculpting and stripping interproximally.Total treatment time: 1 hour
(without the need for shots).
reshaping recontouring incisal adjustment occlusal equilibration sculpting crooked
Bonding and Sculpting (reshaping).
Lower anterior teeth. Treatment time: 30 minutes without the need for novocaine.
crowding, crooked, reshaping, recontouring, incisal, occlusal, adjustment, sculpting
Sculpting (incisal adjustment) of the lower front teeth. Treatment time: 15 minutes without pain.
teeth reshaping, tooth recontouring, incisal, occlusal, adjustment, sculpting cosmetic bonding
Bonding and sculpting of the lower front teeth eliminates a crooked appearance. Treatment time: 30 minutes (no shots!).
Sculpting, porcelain tooth reshaping irregular teeth, incisal adjustment recontouring
Upper Jaw: bleaching and porcelain.
Lower Jaw: bleaching, sculpting, and bonding.
Cosmetic Dentistry Sculpting Shaping Bonding Straightening Teeth Bleaching Reshaping crowding
Cosmetic dentistry with Sculpting (reshaping) and Bonding the upper central incisors, and Bleaching (whitening). Note how the eccentric shapes of the centrals were reduced and bonding was added to the mesio-incisal angles. Collectively, this makes the teeth appear straight. Treatment time: One hour without pain – no need for shots.
incisal adjustment occlusal equilibration recontouring tooth drilling, smile sculpting rotations
Cosmetic bonding to make a rotated, upper lateral incisor appear straight. 1) Pre-operative front view. 2) Pre-operative occlusal view. Note how the tooth is rotated. 3) Post-operative front view. 4) Post-operative occlusal view. Note how bonding was added to the mesio-palato-incisal angle of the lateral. The other lateral will be treated next.
Crowding; crowded, crooked, bonding, cosmetic dentistry, sculpting reshaping teeth incisal edges
Cosmetic bonding of both upper lateral incisors to make them appear further forward. 1) Frontal view showing the upper lateral incisors appear behind the central incisors. 2) Occlusal view of the same. 3) Post-op frontal view following bonding of the lateral incisors. 4) Post-op occlusal view shows bonding material has been added to the labial surface of the laterals to make them appear further forward.