Porcelain teeth crowns porcelain veneers and a lower front teeth bridge photos

Before and after photos on porcelain dental crowns and porcelain caps performed in our Smile Makeover office.

ceramic crowns dental teeth caps porcelain tooth jackets cross bite smile makeover cosmetic
Extreme Smile Makeover. 1) & 2) Before Photos. 3) & 4) After Photos. A combination of 20 all-porcelain teeth crowns, porcelain veneers and a lower front teeth bridge were used to treat natural tooth discoloration (and yellow old crowns) and a severe bilateral, posterior cross-bite. The cross bite means the upper back teeth closed down inside the lower back teeth. Total treatment time was about four weeks.
dental teeth crown cap porcelain jacket PJ ceramic bonding cement cementation composite
An anterior porcelain dental crown had come out. It is better to rebond this with resin cement than to just use traditional cement.
how to tooth crowns preparation ceramic all porcelain jacket PJ caps dental
Upper anterior tooth preparation for an all porcelain crown (#7). How to pictures. The words, crown and cap, mean the same thing; a dental crown and tooth crown also mean the same thing. A fixed dental bridge, prosthesis or bridgework, typically means more than one crown – and that they are connected together as one piece. The word fixed typically means permanently cemented and not removable by the patient. Some patients incorrectly refer to their removable denture as a bridge.
how to crowns tooth teeth preparation ceramic jacket master model shoulder width finish line dental
All porcelain crown preparation for upper centrals incisor teeth – how to shown on a master model.
The width of the shoulder should be around 2 mm. Over preparation will weaken the tooth; under preparation will weaken the dental porcelain. The impression should extend into the gingival sulcus to give the dental lab technician a clean finish line.
comparison compare difference dental crown teeth caps jacket laminate veneer ceramic porcelain
A photo comparison:
1) Porcelain fused to metal tooth crown.
2) All porcelain crown.
3) Porcelain veneer.
all porcelain crown dental ceramic cap black gum darkness periodontics front tooth gums
Removing darkness – black gum – around a front tooth. Minor gum surgery and a new porcelain tooth.
ceramic teeth crowns, all porcelain caps, front tooth protrusion, allergic dermatitis
Protruded upper front teeth treated with dental caps. Treatment time could be one day. This patient had an allergic dermatitis and could not wear teeth braces.
porcelain crowns caps, stains stained fillings teeth tooth
Porcelain teeth crowns in lower jaw replacing broken, stained dental fillings. Treatment time: two visits