Dental occlusion also includes anterior open bite curve of Spee and cheek biting

Before and after photos on teeth bite includes occlusion malocclusion and curve performed in our Smile Makeover office.

Bite, dental occlusion, tooth position, malocclusion, curve of Spee, tongue thrust, open bite, habit

A tongue crib in place to stop a tongue-thrust habit in an adolescent male. Note the anterior open bite and the labial displacement of the upper central incisor #8. The tongue crib is custom made and cemented onto the upper first molars.
Cheek Biting, curve of Spee, teeth Bite, dental occlusion, position, habits, orthodontic brackets
Extra oral photo of cheek biting associated with orthodontic brackets.
Bite, dental occlusion malocclusion, curve of Spee, supraeruption mesial drift tipping malocclusion
Supra-eruption and mesial drift secondary to extraction of a lower first molar. Photos 1) -2) The upper first molar has supra-erupted because its opposing antagonist, the lower first molar, has been removed. Xray 3) Mesial drift of the lower second molar is seen secondary to the removal of the lower first molar. Xray 4) Both supraeruption of the upper first molar and mesial drifting of the lower second molar can be seen in this one x-ray secondary to the removal of the lower first molar. Conclusion: tooth extraction can frequently cause significant occlusal teeth bite problems if not actively prevented.