Tooth replacement options include bridges dental implants braces and a Maryland bridge

Before and after photos on tooth replacement treatment options for missing teeth performed in our Smile Makeover office.

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Missing teeth problems and treatment options. Supraeruption occurs when a tooth continues to grow out of the gum if the opposing tooth in the opposite jaw is missing.

Treatment involves placing a tooth in the missing tooth gap space and adjusting the height of the supraerupted tooth.

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Missing teeth treatment options. Accidental trauma to a mandibular dental bridge. Photo 1) The initial xray show the three teeth bridge and broken second premolar tooth. Photo 2) The second molar tooth exhibits periodontal furcation involvement and thickening of the periodontal ligament space around the mesial tooth root. The second premolar and the mesial root of the second molar were extracted. 3) Intra oral photo after healing. The patient was informed regarding the long span and declined dental implants. He wanted a new fixed dental bridge. 4) This xray shows healing of the distal root of the second molar tooth after six weeks. Saving individual tooth roots of molar teeth can offer treatment options for potentially missing teeth.
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Missing tooth treatment options – palatal impaction of a canine tooth. Oral surgery exposure of a palatally impacted maxillary canine tooth and placement of an orthodontic bracket and elastic power chain. 1) Xray shows the horizontal tooth impaction of the upper right canine. 2) Initial exposure of the impacted canine and the tooth extraction site after removal of an over-retained deciduous tooth. 3) Dental braces bracket cemented to the canine tooth. 4) Elastic orthodontic power chain attached to the bracket. 5) Emergence of power chain through the tooth extraction site after suturing. The power chain will be attached to the arch wire to pull the canine into the area of the extraction site. The canine will move into this position in the dental arch in 18-24 months.
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How to Maryland bridge technique pictures for missing tooth treatment options. 1) Photo of a Maryland bridge. 2) Master model showing the prepared teeth abutments with occlusal rests. 3) – 5) These photos show the dental bridge in place on the master model. 6) Intra oral picture of the edentulous span. 7) – 8) The Maryland teeth bridge in place after dental cementation. A Maryland dental bridge is one of several teeth replacement options available to people who are missing teeth.
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Missing tooth problems and treatment options. Dental supraeruption and mesial tooth drift after tooth extraction of a lower first molar. 1) -2) The upper first molar has supraerupted because its opposing antagonist, the lower first molar, has been extracted. 3) Mesial drift of the lower second molar tooth occurred the removal of the lower first molar. 4) Both supraeruption of the upper first molar tooth and mesial drifting of the lower second molar tooth can be seen in this one xray after extraction of the mandibular first molar. Don’t leave tooth extraction gaps spaces because they can result in severe occlusal bite problems.