Thumb sucking may cause a constricted jaw that causes front teeth to protrude towards lips

Before and after photos on a constricted maxillary jaw makes front teeth protrude performed in our Braces Orthodontics office.

dental arch form, narrow tooth arch, orthodontists, teeth braces, constricted jaw, thumb sucking
This constricted maxillary jaw makes the central teeth protrude. This makes the two front teeth overly prominent. The patient elected to treat this with fixed teeth braces. Thumb sucking past childhood can contribute to this dental arch form.
The treatment time was 6 months. Photo #1 of 2.
dental arch form, narrow tooth arch, braces, orthodontics, constricted jaw, thumb sucking
Treatment of a constricted upper jaw with fixed braces six months post-op. This patient now exhibits a more rounded arch form and a prettier smile. The amount of change in the arch form is limited in an adult – like this case – compared to the amount of change that can occur in a developing adolescent. Photo #2 of 2.