Occlusion or overbite describe how the upper and lower teeth bite together when closed

Before and after photos on dental occlusion treatment for overbite performed in our Braces Orthodontics office.

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Cosmetic dentistry with porcelain laminates dental veneers to close an anterior open bite. Anterior open bite is a lack of, or actually, a negative overbite.

1) “Before” photo with broken centrals and open bite. This patient also had a dental prophylaxis teeth cleaning and teeth whitening.
2) Facial depth cut for porcelain tooth veneer on #9.
3) Initial preparation on #8 and #9.
4) Final preparation of #8 and #9.
5) Slightly reducing contact with sandpaper strip.
6) Retraction cord packed before impression.
7) Final porcelain teeth veneers.
8) Porcelain veneers cemented.

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Smile Analysis & Facial Profile. This supermodel had a perfect smile. She had only 1 mm of both overbite and overjet. This is considered an aesthetically beautiful. Over bite – or overbite – is a vertical measure of how much the upper teeth overlap or hide the lower teeth when the teeth bite is closed – maximum intercuspation. Over jet – or overjet – is a horizontal measure of how far towards the lip the upper front teeth are relative to the lower front teeth when the teeth bite is closed – maximum intercuspation or IC position.