Overjet is the horizontal measure of upper front teeth pushed out towards the lips

Before and after photos on dental protrusion or teeth pushed out is overjet performed in our Braces Orthodontics office.

tooth buck teeth dental protrusion, dental orthodontic Overjet, over jet, bucked protruded front
Overjet is the horizontal measure of how much the upper front teeth project outward towards the lip relative to the lower front teeth. The first photo shows the patient’s natural teeth bite – dental occlusion in maximum intercuspation. The second photo shows the patient after she slightly opened her teeth bite and moved her lower jaw and teeth forward. This is how she would like to look. Orthodontics – teeth braces – or cosmetic dentistry can achieve this. Other words used to describe the horizontal position of upper and lower teeth relative to each other is buck teeth, buck tooth, dental overjet or dental over jet. See the Bite section in the left margin for more dental information.