Faster braces involves seeing patients more frequently and spending more office time per visit.

Our NY Faster Braces team includes an Orthodontist working with 16 cosmetic dentists and specialists in one high-end office. In particular we offer fast, fixed or removable cosmetic braces for adults. Faster Braces refers to achieving a quicker orthodontic result. This quicker result may also be called Speed Braces, Accelerated Orthodontics or 5 Month Braces. Before and after photos on faster braces were performed in our Braces Orthodontics office.

Faster braces may refer to fixed braces that are attached to teeth with cosmetic white brackets and white wire. Otherwise faster braces may refer to removable braces or trays. Faster Braces refers to the duration of treatment rather than whether the braces are fixed or removable. However fixed braces generally move teeth faster than removable braces.

Faster braces cosmetic clear braces invisible teeth speed full arch tooth brackets

Full-arch fixed orthodontics clear braces with clear brackets are nearly invisible braces

We offer Faster Braces to all of our orthodontic patients.

In this example the patient chose to maintain the unattractive front crown until after she completed orthodontics.

impacted palatal tooth impaction

Faster braces are not always possible

Fixed orthodontics teeth braces and oral surgery. Oral Surgery exposes a palatally impacted upper canine tooth and allows the Orthodontist to place and cement an orthodontic bracket with an attached elastic power chain. 1) Xray shows the horizontal impaction of the upper right canine tooth.
2) Initial surgical exposure of the impacted canine and the tooth extraction site after removal of an over-retained deciduous baby tooth. 3) Next the orthodontic bracket is cemented to the canine. 4) Here the elastic orthodontic power chain is attached to the bracket. 5) Finally emergence of power chain through the extraction site after placement of stitches.
Then the power chain will be attached to the arch wire to exert a pull the canine into the area of the present extraction site. Then the canine will assume a normal position in the arch in 18-24 months.
Faster braces Orthodontics with class two 2 elastics tooth root torquing archwire

Faster braces may not be possible is root torquing is needed

Anterior root torquing archwire in fixed orthodontics teeth braces. This will torque the incisor roots lingually. Class two elastics are used to keep the incisor crowns from torquing labially.

Faster braces rotation, rotators, crooked crowded, lingual buttons, elastomeric rotators

Faster braces is possible for simple rotations

Mesio-labial rotation of teeth #’s 8, 9 & 11. Lingual buttons with elastomeric rotators. In summary how to orthodontic pictures with clear braces.

Orthodontics faster braces for spaces and buck teeth protrusion. Anchorage for midline elastics.

Faster braces should not be expected when a lot of spaces need to be closed

Invisible orthodontics clear braces are used to retract severe labial teeth inclination. 1) & 2) Pre-operative pictures. Note the upper and lower central incisor teeth. 3) & 4) Intra-operative photos. Following six months of treatment. Again, note the upper and lower central incisors.
Faster braces orthodontics for buck teeth spacing. Anchorage elastics for a protruded midline.

How do teeth move with orthodontics clear braces?

Braces move teeth through bone like moving a basketball pole through wet cement using anchorage and elastics.

In this case arch wire connects these three teeth. The elastic band attached to this anchorage unit pulls one tooth at a time.

Interestingly, the friction of a ceramic invisible bracket is greater than a metal bracket and sometimes this can reduce the rate of orthodontic tooth movement.

Faster braces treatment or movement for crowded teeth. How to move teeth.

Faster braces can accomplish only part of this orthodontic problem. Otherwise longer duration braces is needed.

Fixed teeth braces orthodontics: before and after pictures shown with study models. Braces move teeth through bone like moving a basketball pole through wet cement using anchorage and elastics. Interestingly an anchorage unit is established to move individual teeth, one by one, with elastics or springs.

Fixed accelerated faster braces for a constricted jaw arch in study models.

5 month braces or faster braces is ideal for less complex tooth movement

In this case the constricted jaw makes the central teeth protrude. This makes the two front teeth overly prominent. Therefore this patient elected to treat this with invisible clear braces.
The treatment time was 5 months. Before and after pictures of Study Models. Photo 1 of 2.
Fixed accelerated faster braces for a constricted jaw or arch.

5 month braces or faster braces is ideal for less complex tooth movement

Orthodontic treatment of a constricted upper jaw with invisible clear braces six months post-op. As a result this patient now exibits a classic “six tooth” smile. Before and after pictures of Study Models. Photo 2 of 2.
Cosmetic esthetic fixed faster braces that have clear brackets and invisible accelerated orthodontics.
To the left clear orthodontic brackets are almost invisible with these clear faster braces.
Cosmetic teeth clear faster braces invisible from our NY Orthodontist treats lower anterior crooked tooth.

Fast orthodontic tooth movement

For example nearly invisible clear braces moved these teeth in six months. Subsequently an invisible lingual wire retainer was placed.
Orthodontics cosmetic clear faster braces invisible by our New York Orthodontist treats midline dental disharmony or symmetry.

Faster braces should not be expected when there is significant smile asymmetry

Elastics are placed to achieve symmetry in the patients smile photo. Note the dental midline disharmony. This patient was unusual in not being a candidate for clear braces in the lower jaw because of the complexity of the teeth movement needed. However he does have invisible braces in the top jaw.
Jumping a cross bite or cross-bite with cosmetic speed or the fastest braces that are clear and invisible.

Jumping a cross bite is possible with the fastest braces

“Jumping” a cross-bite with fixed orthodontics. In particular the canine tooth was moved from a palatal (inward) inclination to a labial (outward) inclination in only about six weeks using clear invisible braces.
Elastics power chain in rotation orthodontistry via fixed cosmetic invisible clear braces.

Power chain may be used in faster braces or accelerated orthodontics

Fixed orthodontics with power chain. Note the power chain is also clear so the teeth braces remain invisible.
Accelerated invisible fastest braces using elastics rotation rotators by a top New York orthodontist.

Fixed orthodontic rotation

In this case hardware is placed on the lingual surface to maintain the nearly invisible clear braces appearance.
Orthodontist shows clear fastest braces that are invisible with elastics or powerchain space closure.

Faster braces or speed braces and power chain

Fixed orthodontics with powerchain being used to close a space. Singularly these metal brackets are not typically used in clear braces because they are obviously visible.

The fastest braces using fixed elastics and a rotation wedge rotator by top orthodontist.

Fixed orthodontics speed braces with rotation wedge

This rotation wedge is sandwiched around the clear braces. Subsequently it can be removed.

NY orthodontist shows rotation rotator esthetic aesthetic clear invisible fastest braces.

Orthodontic rotation

Fixed orthodontic rotation with hardware placed on the lingual surface to maintain the near invisible clear braces appearance. Especially note the clear rubber band that extends from the arch wire to the lingual button.

Forced Eruption or palatal Impaction Oral Surgery plus NY orthodontist offers the fastest braces that are clear or invisible.

Fixed orthodontic forced tooth eruption of a palatally-impacted canine

The bottom pictures show eleven months after the oral surgery exposure of the canine tooth.

Note clear braces on the upper anterior teeth and metal braces on the upper posterior teeth. Interestingly the more complex orthodontic hardware is needed for the forced tooth eruption. This is the fastest braces. Above all keeping this hardware in the back of the mouth helps make it more invisible.


In conclusion all of the dentistry shown on this 4,400 page website was created by Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman. Visit us when you want it done right the first time; you will save money by initially spending more. Therefore please call The Center for Special Dentistry®.