Some soreness or pain is normal during the first few days after braces are tightened

This info on how to care for your teeth with braces was created in our Braces Orthodontics office.

1.      Some soreness is normal during the first few days after braces are bonded or tightened.  Use a pain reliever that you are medically allowed to take, such as Advil or Tylenol, to control any discomfort that may occur.  If pain persists one hour after taking a pain reliever, you may also take a prescribed narcotic.  Remember that you cannot drive a car, drink alcohol or mix this with other prescription drugs without permission.  And remember to keep narcotic medications away from children.

2.      Careful attention to good oral hygiene is especially important for those wearing braces. Cleanings with our hygienists should be scheduled every three months during orthodontic treatment. Proper brushing with a soft toothbrush and proxabrush after each meal and before bedtime is necessary. You must floss daily using Flossthreaders and use Listerine (or generic equivalent) twice daily.  Substantial tooth damage can occur if you neglect your oral hygiene during braces.

3.      Keeping regularly scheduled orthodontic appointments is essential.  Broken appointments increase treatment time and expense while following the recommendations of the orthodontist may shorten your treatment time.

4.      You will experience loose teeth throughout treatment as the braces move teeth into their new position.  This will be particularly noticeable when the orthodontic wires are changed at most visits. Don’t worry.

5.      Always use orthodontic wax (or a tiny amount of tissue paper) to cover any sharp edges or wires during the first few months of treatment.  Otherwise you might get tiny, annoying cuts in your mouth.  If this occurs rinse with half hydrogen peroxide and half water to clean the wound and thin rinse out with water.  Do this several times a day.  Then cover any sharp edges or wires…

6.      Cut food into small pieces and chew carefully to avoid breaking, bending or loosening your braces.  Eat a healthy diet. Drink lots of water!  AVOID ALL STICKY, CHEWY OR HARD FOODS like:

Chewing Gum (even sugarless)          Hard chips or cookies

Pop corn, caramel corn, nuts               Chewing on ice

Hard rolls, pizza crusts, bagels            Raw vegetables and firm fruit like apples

Hard or Sticky Candy                          Sucking on lemons or limes

Sugary carbonated drinks or fruit juices

7.      Do not pick at your braces with your fingers or play with them with the tongue.  Please notify the office if a bracket or tooth band comes off so that your next appointment time may be extended.  It is usually not an emergency and can be left until your next visit as comfort allows.

8.      If you have questions about your braces, please contact us if you are a patient currently under our care.