Mesio-labial rotation of the upper front teeth using lingual buttons with elastomeric rotators

Before and after photos on the arch length determines space for rotations performed in our Braces Orthodontics office.

dental orthodontic arch length, lingual buttons, elastomeric rotators, braces orthodontics
Mesio-labial rotation of tooth #’s 8, 9 & 11. Lingual buttons with elastomeric rotators.
dental orthodontic arch length, crooked teeth braces, post-orthodontic relapse
This is a frontal and occlusal view of a plaster model of the lower arch. It demonstrates teeth crowding in the lower arch. Note the malpositioned lateral incisors. These photos may also demonstrate post-orthodontic relapse associated with not wearing retainers after treatment.
dental orthodontic arch length, dentition study model, cross bite, x-bite, diagnostic casts
This is a frontal and lingual view of a plaster model of the same dentition. Note the anterior cross bite with the maxillary left lateral and the mandibular left canine teeth.
orthodontic arch length appliances, malocclusion, crossbite, cross bite, study models casts
Lateral views of the same dentition. Note the anterior cross bite between the upper lateral incisor and the lower canine teeth on one side. A fixed orthodontic appliance teeth braces could be used to correct this cross bite.
dental orthodontic arch length, cosmetic bonding, labial surface, occlusal surface, sculpting
Cosmetic bonding of both upper lateral incisors to make them appear further forward. 1) Smile photo shows that the upper lateral incisors appear behind the central incisors. 2) Occlusal view of the same. 3) Post-op smile photo following bonding of the lateral incisors. 4) Post-op occlusal view shows bonding material has been added to the labial surface of the laterals to make them appear further forward.