Tooth composite bonding closes cosmetic defects caused by crooked tooth rotations

There are many ways to treat crooked teeth. Always consider the most conservative treatment options first. Before and after photos on composite bonding for crooked tooth rotations performed in our Cosmetic Dentistry office.

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Cosmetic bonding treats a crooked tooth

Cosmetic bonding was placed on a rotated first premolar and palatally displaced second premolar tooth. Therefore this made the teeth appear to have moved further out towards the lip as shown with the arrows.
In summary the total treatment time was 30 minutes. Novocaine was not needed because no tooth structure was removed.
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Composite bonding closes cosmetic defects caused by a crooked tooth

A 1 mm prep was made into the mesio-lingual surface of the tooth to add mechanical retention of the bonded material. Composite bonding was only added to the lingual surface. This allowed the enamel to naturally reflect light.

Translucency describes the natural gray light from inside the mouth seen on the incisal edges of teeth. Maintaining or creating incisal translucency one the goal of a competent cosmetic dentist.

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Treatment of congenitally missing lateral incisors with teeth bonding and sculpting – reshaping

The patients canine teeth were congenitally in the lateral incisor position bilaterally. Therefore this resulted in a crooked tooth appearance as seen from both sides of the smile.

The crooked canine teeth were shortened and composite bonding was added to the medial surfaces to square them. The mesio-incisal surface of the upper right central incisor #8 was also bonded after sculpting and interproximal stripping.

The total treatment time was one hour. Particularly Novocaine was not needed because the patient did not feel any pain.

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Crooked tooth treatment for pushed out fang teeth

Composite bonding eliminates lower “fangs.” This treatment was completed in about thirty minutes. Prepare, i.e. drill, a 1 mm deep “box” on the mesio-lingual surface of the crooked canine fang teeth. Mechanical retention is aided by placement of these boxes. Then add bonding to the lingual surface.

crooked tooth Rotations crooked teeth Rotated Smiles bonding composite resins, aesthetic dentalA commonly crooked tooth is the upper lateral incisor

Cosmetic tooth bonding made a crooked tooth, the upper lateral incisor, appear straight. 1) Pre-operative front view. 2) Pre-operative occlusal view. Note the tooth is rotated. 3) Post-operative front view. 4) Post-operative occlusal view. Note how composite bonding was added to the mesio-palato-incisal angle of the lateral incisor. The other lateral incisor on the other side will be treated next.