Replacing large silver fillings with cavities with dental bonding material

Before and after photos on dental restorations using composite resin fillings performed in our Cosmetic Dentistry office.

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Teeth bonding a very deep and large cavity in an upper right second molar. This tooth will ideally need root canal therapy, post and crown with probable crown lengthening gum surgery. The patient wants to postpone this treatment if possible.
Cavity removal, Decay, bonding, teeth decalcification, restorations, composite resin bonded tooth
Decay – cavity – removal in a large cavity and a cosmetic dentistry bonding.
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Tooth Bonding restoration technique. Changing silver fillings to tooth colored white fillings.
dental bonding technique, All Bond 2, Bis-fil, operative dentistry, dual cured catalyst, bonded
Dental Bonding Technique. After acid etching, apply All Bond 2 dentin primer to remove the smear layer. Then apply All Bond 2 dentin enamel bonding agent with dual cured catalyst. Bis-fil 2B self cured composite is next placed in the interproximal boxes and somewhat over the occlusal floor. It can be compressed into the interproximal boxes by condensing on preformed, already cured 2 mm wide balls of Herculite XRV bonding material. Herculite XRV bonding material is added on top. Light curing should occur for 60 seconds on each the occlusal, buccal and lingual surfaces. A metal matrix band with regular wood wedges work fine. Refine anatomy with a #8 round bur and finishing burs. Then use Fortify.
bonding restorations, composite resin tooth fillings tooth decalcification, decalcified teeth
Treatment of teeth decalcification. This is frequently caused by oral ingestion of fruit juices and improper oral hygiene.
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Cosmetic dentistry bonding changes silver fillings to match the white color of the teeth. Bonding and composite resin fillings have a similar meaning. Bonding technically refers to the glue used to hold the white tooth filling material inside or on the tooth.
tooth decay under old silver fillings, cavity removal technique, bonded dental, bonded cosmetic
Cosmetic dental bonding white filling technique to treat old, decayed silver fillings.
bonding bonded restorations, composite resin tooth fillings, indirect pulp cap, deep dental cavity
Dental bonding white filling in a very deep cavity. Note the cavity in the tooth and the near nerve exposure. This was an indirect pulp cap.
big cavity, indirect pulp cap, bonding, fillings, tooth decay restorations, operative dentistry
Deep tooth decay – cavity – under a small silver filling and repair with cosmetic dental bonding.
dentistry procedures, size of tooth cavity bonded dental, bonded cosmetic dentistry
A dental cavity can be larger than expected when first looking at the tooth.
bonding smile, removal of fillings, bonding bonded restorations, composite resin tooth fillings
Bonding two upper premolars removes the silver fillings which show gray through the tooth enamel.
composite resin tooth fillings, indirect pulp cap, fractured tooth, operative dentistry
Dental bonding to treat a fractured silver filling.
white tooth fillings, bonded dental, bonded cosmetic dentistry
Cosmetic Tooth Bonding changes silver fillings to white. Bonding and composite resin fillings have a similar meaning. Bonding technically refers to the glue used to hold the white tooth filling material inside or on the tooth.
composite resin tooth fillings, decay removal remove drill cavity caries procedure
Decay (cavity) removal between two front teeth. 1) Decay noted. 2) Decay being removed. 3) Decay removed. 4) Bonded filling cannot be seen.
bonding and bleaching, composite resin tooth fillings, smile makeover, bonded teeth
Porcelain crowns, teeth bonding and whitening – bleaching completed this smile makeover.
fast dentist, quick, one visit operative four quadrant dentistry, esthetic cosmetic teeth bonding
Teeth Bonding replace silver fillings with white bonded fillings. All ten fillings (top & bottom) replaced in ONE VISIT!
white tooth fillings, white composite resins, decay cavity caries dental bonding bonded
Dental Bonding following removal of decay under a silver filling.
tooth bonding, dental fillings, operative dentistry, composite resin tooth white fillings
Tooth Bonding changes this silver filling to a tooth-colored white filling.
drilling teeth, drill tooth cavity, bonded dental, bonded cosmetic dentistry
Cosmetic Teeth Bonding used to change silver fillings to white fillings in two different teeth.
Tooth #1: images 1-4
Tooth #2: images 5-8
replace mercury fillings, tooth, dental, teeth, composite resin tooth bond bonded fillings
Replacing two large, decaying silver fillings with dental bonding material.
teeth bonding, fillings, restorations, operative dentistry, decay, bond cavity
Dental bonding technique to remove a silver filling with a lot of tooth decay.
quadrant bonding, teeth, dental, procedure, composite resin white tooth fillings
Aesthetic quadrant teeth bonding changes silver fillings to white fillings.
bonding bonded restorations, composite resin tooth fillings Phobic Patient, Reconstruction PFM Crown
Upper reconstruction in a phobic patient. The patient was a pretty, 33 year-old female. Treatment included porcelain fused to metal crown & bridge, root canal therapy on all abutments, root tip extractions, and facial teeth bonding on both upper lateral incisors. The upper anterior root canal and crowns were first completed to show her how pretty her teeth could look and that it could be accomplished quickly and painlessly. Extractions of the hopeless teeth were all completed at one time and initiated early to allow time for healing before bridgework. Then root canal therapy was performed on the posterior abutments before their preparation for bridgework. The patient experienced minimal post-operative pain.
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Final tooth preparation before placement of direct-bonding material in a lower molar. 1) – 2) Final tooth preparation. 3) Placement of chemically-cured flowable bonding material. Note the presence of several spheres of slightly different-colored bonding material within the flowable bonding material. These are spheres of light-cured bonding material (“bonding balls”) that are used to condense against. 4) The final tooth bonded restoration.
bonded composite resin tooth fillings, Large Filling, Decay, Cavity, Failed Amalgam, Gutta Percha
Treatment of a very decayed, root canaled molar with only a large tooth bonded restoration. 1) Neglected lower molar tooth that had an adequate root canal yet very decayed amalgam (silver) filling. 2) View of the extent of the decay after removal of the filling. 3) Decay removed. Note the gutta percha coming out of the three orifices. 4) The bonded restoration. The point here is that a tooth bonded restoration filling can be placed even when a crown is obviously indicated. The crown will be placed after the patient completes orthodontics.
composite resin tooth fillings, Tooth Resorption, Electrosurgery, Gingival Margin, Gingivectomy
Bridge repair. The patient recently lost his job in telecommunications and could not afford replacement of the bridge. 1) X-ray after root canal therapy. The root canal itself did not seem subject to external resorption. 2) Gingivectomy with electrosurgery. Note the still unusual look of the facial decay. 3) Following decay removal. Note the communication to the gutta percha. 4) The tooth bonded restoration filling. Photo #2 of 3.
composite resin tooth white fillings, Molar tooth Decay, Cavity, Bonding, Cavity Preparation Dentist
Cavity identification, cavity removal and bonded fillings in two upper molars. Image #’s 1, 3, 5 and 8 show the first molar; Image #’s 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8 show the second molar. Image #’s 1 and 3 show the initial cavity. Image #’s 3 – 7 show the steps in cavity removal. Image # 8 shows the final teeth bonded white fillings.