How to Attach Two Sections of a Full Arch Metal Framework for a Porcelain & Metal Bridge

The inner metal framework of a Porcelain fused to Metal Bridge must fit accurately before adding Porcelain. Otherwise, the bridge will prematurely fail.  This video on How To Attach a Bridge Framework was performed in our Cosmetic Dentistry office.

This is Dr. Jeff Dorfman at The Center for Special Dentistry showing the next step in how we do the solder transfer. I am trying in the one side of the framework here and it fits without rocking. I am trying both sides then I am trying this side to see that it fits over the teeth and there is no rock on this side and then if we get a close up right here you will see the connection area between the two sides of the frame and then what I will do is if you look down here there is GC resin liquid and powder and I am going to flow it in and this will harden and you should have been able to see the channels I created earlier in the lab that you should have been able to see and so that the intention of creating those channels in the lab is when this flows in it’s going to more tightly lock the two sections together. I’m going to let this harden and then a few minutes later I’ll take it out and compare how it fits on the model and then I’ll (without forcing it) and then Ill also try it back in the mouth to make sure nothing moved during the time it hardened. And I’ll be doing the same thing with this on the inside also when the camera is not so close and I can use the mirror. This is Dr. Jeff Dorfman from the Center for Special Dentistry. The next step you’re going to see is we’ll be trying in this bridge in a one piece connection.