Manhattan cosmetic dentistry offers high end bonding material and porcelain brands

Visit us for high-end Manhattan cosmetic dentistry. Our multi-specialty Cosmetic Dentistry group can repair chipped, broken or missing teeth with tooth-colored bonded or porcelain restorations. We can make yellow or gray teeth whiter with professional whitening and/or porcelain veneers. Our cosmetic dentist team can replace ugly silver fillings with beautiful porcelain that matches your teeth. We can do it quickly and comfortably. Consequently we also have an MD anesthesiologist on staff if you prefer it.

There are many factors that affect the quality of high-end Manhattan cosmetic dentistry

For example, there can be nearly a dozen different materials used in a single tooth-colored Bonded filling. These materials include: tooth etchant, which microscopically roughens the tooth surface for bonding; primer, which further roughens the tooth surface; dentin/enamel bonding resin with a light or dual cured catalyst; possible use of self-cured posterior composite and top shelf bonding materials. The quality of each of these materials can vary tremendously.

The benefits of using the best brands

The best brands benefit the patient by minimizing post-operative pain, resisting the recurrence of tooth decay and breakage, and maintaining color-fastness over time. As a rule premium materials are also among the most expensive to buy and the most time-consuming to use.

Manhattan cosmetic dentistry

Photos: This patient visited us from another country. Notice she only had one upper front tooth. We created space and gave her two upper front teeth and a pretty smile.

Our Manhattan cosmetic dentistry does it right the first time

It is common to see patients who have had two, three or even four separate fillings, performed at different times, and placed within the same tooth!  ‘Patchwork’ dentistry should not be done because decay is usually present under these older, adjacent fillings. It is silly, though less costly, to attach a new filling to an older, decaying one.

When placing new bonded fillings in a tooth it is usually better to remove the old, adjacent fillings within that same tooth at the same time. This takes more time, but being thorough now will save you from needing more work later. High-end dental practices no longer use silver fillings.

Manhattan cosmetic dentistry crowns do not show any metal

It is common to see caps that show dark metal on the biting or inside surface. The skill of individual dental lab technicians varies as much as the skill of individual dentists. Premium dental lab technicians hand craft beautiful, well fitting caps. When necessary a porcelain ceramist should be present at the dental office for final color shading and characterization.

The skill in preparation and impression-making of your teeth for caps is significant. Accuracy is important to tolerances less than 0.001 of a millimeter! In addition to creating cosmetically beautiful caps it is also important to create them to minimize long-term gum problems (overly bulky caps irritate gums) and maximize cement retention (so the cap won’t fall out). Dental impression materials also vary in quality (and cost) so patients can learn about their dentists just from the brands used.

All these factors allow premium dental practices to create exceptionally beautiful cosmetic dentistry that can last a long time.

A Smile Makeover may also be called Dental Reconstruction or Oral Rehabilitation

It may, or may not, involve the use of dental implants.  It is frequently associated with either Full Mouth, or minimally Anterior, improvement in the appearance of the teeth – and hopefully also improving health.  A Smile Makeover may, or may not, involve Root Canal Therapy, but most of the time will involve either Porcelain Crowns and/or Veneers rather than Bonding because the latter is typically more commonly used for less extensive cosmetic dentistry. Therefore the difference between a Smile Makeover versus Cosmetic Dentistry will typically be based upon the amount and extent of the aesthetic dentistry that is performed.

Our Lipline Analysis helps position the porcelain to the gumline

Some patients are troubled by where their lips are positioned relative to their teeth and/or gums. The position of the lip, relative to the teeth, may cause the teeth to look too big, too small, or they might show too much gum. Some patients might not even show their teeth while speaking giving them a toothless appearance.

Our Lipline Analysis will clearly show patients how these cosmetic defects appear. In short it involves photographs, x-rays and models of the teeth, The Lipline Analysis will be compared while smiling, speaking or in a relaxed position. Furthermore it teaches how it can be changed.

In conclusion Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman created all of this exclusive content shown on this 4,400 page website. In brief we offer intelligent & honest diagnosis and better results for our patients. Visit us when you want cosmetic dentistry done right the first time; you will save money by initially spending more. Therefore please call The Center for Special Dentistry®.