Smile makeovers using composite resin to increase tooth length for short teeth and reshaping long teeth

Before and after photos on resin bonding increases tooth length for short teeth performed in our Cosmetic Dentistry office.

composite resin dental teeth bonding for tooth length, short teeth, cosmetic dentistry
Dental Bonding increases the length of the short teeth and Sculpting reshapes the long teeth to make them shorter. Treatment time: two visits! No shots! Teeth whitening was also performed.
tooth dental bonding for length teeth reshaping, sculpting, short teeth, esthetic dentistry
Teeth Bonding & Sculpting – reshaping. The short tooth was lengthened with cosmetic bonding and the long teeth were shortened with sculpting, incisal adjustment. Treatment time: one visit
short teeth, cosmetic teeth bonding, treatment of bruxism, grinding, incisal composite resins
Teeth Bonding is used here to treat incisal wear associated with bruxism – grinding. The length of the short teeth were increased with composite resin bonding. The incisal edges of the lower teeth bonding slopes higher lingually to increase teeth length while allowing for a normal occlusion, bite.
Cosmetic Dentistry, Bond Dental, Tooth Length, Short Teeth bonding, composite resins
Extending the length of the upper front teeth with dental bonding. There are two ways to cosmetically lengthen teeth: teeth bonding or porcelain veneers laminates. Porcelain veneers laminates are preferable due to greater strength and esthetics however they are a lot more expensive. Some patients can get a quite satisfactory result with tooth bonding when cost is a concern.