Dental Phobia and Dental Anxiety describe people who are Scared of Dentists.

Our Dental Phobia team includes 16 cosmetic dentists, specialists and lab ceramists in one high-end office. In particular we are a low-volume office focused on Dental Anxiety for people who are Scared of Dentists. Therefore our treatment is quick and comfortable. In addition our MD-anesthesiologist offers several options for Dental Sedation and Nitrous Oxide Gas. We offer intelligent and honest diagnosis based upon 31+ years of experience. Before and after smile makeover photos of dental phobia performed in our Dental Anxiety Dental Fear office.

Our dental phobia patients also have access to top medical care

Moreover our patients have access to our affiliated team of 12 medical doctors in our building. This is because many dental phobia patients who have a fear of dentists also tend to neglect their overall medical health. We hope to improve your overall health one step at a time.

dental phobia dental anxiety dental fear scared of dentist

Before and after treatment for dental phobia

In this case the patient was scared of dentists. He denied drug abuse but did admit to drinking a lot of soda. This initial treatment took only two hours. More dentistry is still needed.
dental phobia dental anxiety dental fear smile makeover, afraid scared of dentist

Dental Phobia Smile Makeover of a Wall Street executive who had a fear of dentists

Total treatment time was about nine hours in two visits during one business week: Monday (4 hours) and Friday (5 hours). This patient hid his dental condition for over ten years by never smiling.

In the first row of photos, note that the bite was over-closed due to a prior history of an eating disorder, now controlled, and a current tooth grinding habit.

An Oral Surgery consultation with panoramic x-ray (second row) was performed prior to treatment to evaluate opening the bite.

The third row shows x-rays taken after the Endodontist completed eight root canals on the first day on tooth #’s: 6 – 11 and 14, 15.

The fourth row shows the lab-processed 11 unit (11 tooth) temporary bridge and the cast gold post/cores (with Kaitlyn loops) for the root canal treated teeth.

The fifth row shows the cast gold post/cores cemented.

The sixth row shows the lab-processed temporary bridge in place after the surgeon extracted tooth #’s: 3 – 5 and 12, crown lengthening gum surgery was performed on tooth #’s: 6 – 11, and a distal wedge was performed on #15.

The patient will have a final porcelain-metal bridge made after the gums heal. Implants may also be placed in the upper right posterior. A bite plate is also necessary to try to mitigate the force of tooth grinding. Referral for pharmacological management of anxiety is also worthwhile.

dental phobia dental anxiety dental fear smile makeover for afraid of dentist

Full mouth reconstruction or Smile Makeover of a Dental Phobia patient who was scared of dentists

This patient had lost his successful business to a cocaine addiction. He sought our help while in recovery. Cosmetic dentistry is frequently an important part of Addiction Medicine. We call it Addiction Dentistry.
Addiction Dentistry patients typically need much more anesthetic, and different anesthetic chemistries, than typical patients. This is complicated even more when the patient also manifests a fear of dentists. We can handle it.
dental phobia fear of dentist dental anxiety dental nervous scared of dentist oral surgery

Selective tooth extraction during an upper jaw reconstruction on a dental phobia patient

In this case the treatment plan considered saving teeth #’s 6, 7 and 9 while extracting teeth #’s 5 and 8. During the oral surgery, tooth #5 was considered more stable than tooth #6 so #5 was retained and #6 was extracted. The retained teeth will be used to support a fixed temporary dental bridge until subsequent dental implant dentistry is completed.
In conclusion Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman created all of the dentistry shown on this 4,400 page website. In brief we offer intelligent & honest diagnosis and better results for our dental phobia patients. Visit us when you want it done right the first time; you will save money by initially spending more. Therefore please call The Center for Special Dentistry®.