A dental x-rays shows a double teeth impaction and another identifies the source of a gum boil or fistula

Before and after photos on dental X-rays and radiographs in diagnosis and treatment performed in our Dental Anxiety Dental Fear office.

X-rays, dental, xrays, radiographs, radiographic, radiology, Extraction, Oral Surgery Impaction
1) This xray shows a double teeth impaction. 2) – 6) Different images show the large defect in the jaw and the significant exposure of the distal furcation of the first molar. 7) – 8) Packing the defect with bone and gelfoam.
X-rays, dental, xrays, radiographs, gums radiographic, fistula gum boil diagnosis Apicoectomy
Use an x-ray to help locate the origin of a gum boil draining fistula. Endodontic gutta percha is placed into the fistula and an xray is taken with it left in place. This radiograph shows the subsequent apicoectomy. Gutta percha can be gently placed into a draining fistula without anesthesia.