Intramucosal dental implants used in the upper jaw for post menopausal osteoporosis patients

These photos on consider intramucosal dental implants for osteoporosis performed in our dental implants office.

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Intramucosal Implant Retained Prosthesis for the upper jaw. This treatment should be considered for post menopausal patients suffering from Osteoporosis particularly if they have already taken Bisphosphonates like Fosamax. This is because this is the least invasive dental implant and it does NOT go into the jaw bone. People who have taken Bisphosphonates are at risk of developing Osteonecrosis of the Jaw – ONJ – after any Oral Surgery that penetrates the jaw bone. This type of dental implant does NOT involve penetration of the jaw bone; all other dental implants (with the exception of subperiosteal dental implants) do penetrate the jaw bone.

Intramucosal implants offer a safe and effective alternative to endosteal dental implant reconstructions in the maxilla only. They can offer significant retention for palateless maxillary full implant dentures without the need for denture adhesives. The entire surgery can be accomplished simply in fifteen minutes. The challenge is learning the prosthetics. The vast majority of implant dentists are unfamiliar with this technique.

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Intramucosal dental implants – Snapinserts – shown in a radiograph x-ray of the maxilla. These little dental implants involve very minor oral surgery and can provide significant maxillary denture retention (they don’t work in the mandible, lower jaw). They should be offered to maxillary – upper denture – patients who have taken Bisphosphonates and are at high risk of developing Osteonecrosis of the Jaw. Read the section on Osteonecrosis.
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How to Pictures – Intramucosal Insert Implants are a simple and effective means to retain a maxillary complete or partial denture. These mushroom-shaped titanium implants are embedded into the acrylic underside of an implant denture. Special burs create soft tissue receptor sites in the palatal tissue that retains these implants. The technique is described in the Dental Articles section located above. Photo #1 of 2.
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How to Pictures – Intramucosal Insert Dental Implant Armamentarium. 1) and 2) Top and Side photos. From left to right: latch-type initial tissue preparation bur, latch-type tissue undercut bur, two intramucosal insert implants, long-shank initial denture preparation bur, and long-shank denture excess acrylic removal bur. A purple vibrating line pencil is on top. The technique is described in the Dental Articles section located above. Photo #2 of 2.