Fixed removable dental implant prosthesis or implant denture with Lew Attachments

Before and after photos on dental implant prosthetics hybrids crown and bridge performed in our dental implants office.

Fixed removable dental implant prosthesis, implant denture hybrid, Lew Attachments
Fixed-removable dental implant prosthesis (implant denture) with Lew Attachments. Lew attachments offer the patient the benefit of teeth that remain rigidly attached to the dental implants while offering easy removal for cleaning.
dental implants, hybrids, bone evaluation, first 1st stage 1 one, oral surgery surgeon
Evaluation of bone for dental implants during oral surgery placement. A hybrid dental implant prosthesis – fixed removable dental crown bridge – will be fabricated.
teeth implants, hybrids implant denture prosthetics, meso bar, Lew attachment, photos
Meso bar over three dental implants with an O-ring retained hybrid dental implant prosthesis – dental bridge teeth. Total treatment time: 2 weeks.
Patient age: 96 years old – my grandmother
hybrid dental implants, o-ring implant prosthesis, Leonard Linkow, meso bar, fixed-removable

O-ring retained dental implant prosthesis for a fixed-removable design. This prosthesis looks like a dental implant denture. The meso bar sits on the dental implants.

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