Dental Implants: Trying in the bridge frame. 1 of 5

This video on Dental Implants: Trying in the bridge frame. 1 of 5 was created in our dental implants office.

Hello! Jeff Dorfman here talking dental implants. Here is a patient with three upper left dental implants and today I will be trying on a metal frame on top of that. The interesting part of this video series is that the patient is being maintained in a fixed, non-removable, acrylic (plastic) temporary bridge while the final porcelain fused to metal final bridge is being made. This was also true during the fabrication of all three custom implant abutments. The less-appealing alternatives are for the patient to go without teeth in this visible upper front left of her mouth or to wear a removable denture called a flipper that can easily fall out of her mouth while speaking, eating or kissing. 🙂 We are willing to provide this extra attention to detail and complexity at The Center for Special Dentistry.