Laser Dentistry and Implant Dentistry

A dental laser can greatly simplify accessing the stage one dental implant, speed up treatment time and offer greater patient comfort.  This video on Laser Dentistry and Dental Implants was created in our dental implants office.

This college-aged female patient had a badly damaged and infected upper front tooth #9 extracted by an oral surgeon in our office last year. Several months later a bone graft was placed to fill a rather significant bony defect. A dental implant was subsequently placed and allowed to heal for another six months. Today we need to uncover the implant that has been healing below the gum. The main methods for accessing this dental implant include: 1) laying a conservative periodontal flap favoring the palatal side, 2) using a tissue punch, or 3) using a soft tissue laser.

In this video we use a soft tissue laser to uncover and expose the dental implant. Upon identification of the dental implant a modified stock abutment was used instead of a healing collar while a custom abutment and porcelain crown was made. Benefits of the use of the laser include: 1) hemostasis while cutting soft tissue and 2) the ability to take a final impression on the same day because the gum will not subsequently recede as if one used a scalpel or tissue punch.

A Sol laser from DenMat is used in this procedure.

This is Dr. Jeff Dorfman at The Center for Special Dentistry in New York.