Plan dental implants and cosmetic dentistry together

Before and after photos on plan dental implants and cosmetic dentistry together performed in our dental implants office.

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Dental implants treatment sequence. 1) Teeth in the lower jaw that were hopeless and could not be successfully treated. 2) After extraction of those teeth and waiting for healing the dental implants were placed below the gums into the jaw bone. 3) Laboratory model showing the second part of the dental implant that connects the first part of the implant below the gums to the teeth that will be built next. 4) The metal framework that will cement to the second part of the implant and on which the porcelain will be added. 5) The final porcelain bridges in the mouth.

Visit us to learn about Implants in a Day and other types of immediately loaded dental implants. Contrary to what you hear this is not new; Dr. Dorfman was performing this type of dentistry in the mid-1980’s. Many times this is currently offered by dentists because it is more convenient for the dentist while decreasing the long term prognosis of the implant dentistry. Visit us to learn about whether you are a good candidate to have a dental implant placed on the same day as a tooth extraction. Again, it is frequently offered for dentist convenience rather than patient benefit. Would you benefit from a bone graft, and if so, then what type of bone graft would be best for your specific needs? Is your dentist offering you a Flipper or some other type of removable false tooth while the extraction site and/or dental implant heals? Did you know that at The Center for Special Dentistry we only offer fixed, non-removable, temporary teeth? People visit us to throw their Flipper away! This is high-end New York implant dentistry at its finest.

There are dozens of different main brands of dental implants and dozens of different brands of dental porcelain just as there are dozens of different main brands of ice cream. The quality of these dental implants, dental porcelain and ice cream brands can vary tremendously with the quality and density of the ingredients and the amount of air incorporated into it. Can you taste the difference between a generic store-brand ice cream compared to a super premium brand? Well call and schedule a visit in our office and we can easily show you the difference in high-end implant dentistry and dental porcelain.

All of the dentistry shown on this 4,400 page website was created by Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman. Visit us when you want it done right the first time; you will save money by initially spending more. Call The Center for Special Dentistry.