Non restorable teeth cannot be predictably treated and should be extracted.

Before and after photos on broken teeth that cannot be fixed need extraction performed in our General Dentistry office.

unilateral anterior open bite, midline deviation, dental asymmetry, facial smile skeletal
Dental asymmetry, unilateral anterior open bite and a significant midline deviation. Notice the teeth bridge on #6 – 8. This case is just getting started. The focus will be on closing the unilateral anterior open bite because the patient prefers to keep the bridge. Shifting the midline to achieve dental facial symmetry will require removing and remaking the bridge.
tooth asymmetry, orthodontic elastics, dental midline deviation, braces symmetry
Orthodontic elastics are used to achieve symmetry in the patients smile and face. Note the dental midline disharmony.
tooth midline deviation, asymmetry, smile facial face symmetry dental skeletal

An asymmetric smile disrupts facial symmetry.

Photo #1: Midline, top & bottom appears fine.
Photo #2: Only 3, not 4 lower incisors allowed easier and faster orthodontics as a child.
Photo #3: Asymmetric smile apparent.
Photo #4: Asymmetry not apparent here.
Photo #5: Asymmetry most apparent when smile seen in relation to lips and/or nose. This causes the entire face to lose symmetry.