General Dentistry

The Center for Special Dentistry in midtown Manhattan focuses on the treatment of complex cases. But we also offer basic General Dentistry services like teeth cleanings and check-ups exams. Our cosmetic dentists provide  white cosmetic fillings, Bondings in NY that are nearly invisible.

Our team includes 16 cosmetic dentists, specialists and lab ceramists in one high-end midtown Manhattan office. In addition an MD-anesthesiologist offers several options for dental sedation. Nitrous oxide laughing gas is also available. As a result we are able to offer quick and comfortable general dentistry. We offer intelligent and honest diagnosis based upon 31+ years of experience. We use the finest materials and top labs.

Healthy young people whose parents suffered with dentistry should see us now

We teach that ideal dentistry starts with prevention. Likewise diagnosis and conservative treatment of seemingly simple problems can help prevent the dreaded domino effect and increasing dental disease. For over 30 years we have seen little problems become bigger problems. Come to us even though you are healthy because that will give you the best chance of remaining so. This is particularly important for seemingly healthy people who have a family history of moderate to severe dental problems.

There are many factors that affect the quality of even simpler cosmetic dentistry

There are many different materials used in a tooth-colored bonded filling. A bonded filling is frequently called bonding. These materials include: 1) tooth etchant, which microscopically roughens the tooth surface for bonding; 2) primer, which further roughens the tooth surface; 3) dentin enamel bonding resin with a light or dual-cured catalyst; 4) possible use of self-cured posterior composite and 5) light-cured bonding materials. The quality of each of these materials can vary tremendously. The best brands benefit the patient in many ways. These benefits include: 1) minimizing post-operative pain; 2) resisting the recurrence of tooth decay and breakage and 3) maintaining color-fastness over time. The top brand materials used at CSD are among the most expensive to buy and the most time-consuming to use. Therefore the results are worth it. Furthermore CSD does not place silver amalgam fillings.

general dentistry shows dental bonding filling before and after photos

More NY General Dental photos.

Avoid patchwork dentistry that will prematurely fail

It is common to see general dentistry patients who have had two, three or even four separate fillings, performed at different times, and placed within the same tooth! ‘Patchwork’ dentistry should not be done because decay is usually present under these older, adjacent fillings. At CSD we usually remove the old, adjacent silver fillings within that same tooth when placing new white bonded fillings. This takes more time, but being thorough now will save our patients from needing more dentistry sooner rather than later.

general dentistry child broke adult front tooth

Photos above – How to treat a broken adult front tooth in a child.

More NY Pediatric Dentistry for Children photos

We work with the top porcelain ceramists in New York for a visible difference

CSD only works with New York Lab Technicians who hand craft beautiful, well fitting crowns (caps) that don’t show any dark metal on the biting or on the inside surfaces. When necessary a CSD Porcelain Ceramist will be present for final porcelain color shading and characterization. There are many benefits to working with local NY Master Ceramists rather than working with inexpensive dental labs in third world countries. The skill in preparation and impression-making of your teeth for caps is significant. Crowns should also be made to minimize long-term gum problems (overly bulky caps irritate gums) and maximize cement retention (so the cap won’t fall out). Dental impression material brands also vary in quality (and cost) so patients can learn about their dentists just from the brands used. All these factors allow CSD to create exceptionally beautiful general dentistry that can last a long time.

Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman, Director of CSD, has practiced in NYC for over 30 years. He has over twenty years combined professorships at Columbia and NYU dental schools. Many dentists and students visit from around the world to study in with him in New York.

See Before and After Photos of New York General and Cosmetic Dentistry.

All of the dentistry shown on this 4,400 page website was created by Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman. Visit us when you want it done right the first time; you will save money by initially spending more. Call The Center for Special Dentistry® for the finest general dentistry.

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