Extensive tooth decay that requires extraction and cosmetic benefit of replacing silver fillings

Before and after photos on cavities caries and tooth decay mean the same thing performed in our General Dentistry office.

tooth decay, cavity, dental caries, x-ray, photo, picture, diagnosis, extraction
Extensive tooth decay (dental caries) that requires tooth extraction. The arrows in the X-ray and picture show the cavity.
broken silver filling, cavity, tooth decay, dental bonding, white filling, carious lesion
Before and after photos show the cosmetic benefit of changing broken silver fillings to dental bonding.
Dental Decay tooth Cavity oral Diagnosis Color teeth cavities caries silver fillings amalgam
Tooth color can be an indication of decay – a carious lesion. 1) Be suspicious when tooth color is different than you would normally expect. 2) There was a large cavity in this case.
tooth cavities silver fillings amalgam Dental Decay oral Diagnosis Color teeth cavity caries
Deep tooth decay under a small silver dental filling. Diagnosis pictures.