How to gently remove a crown cap or bridge by using diamond and metal burs to cut

Photos on removal of dental crowns and bridges by cutting created in our General Dentistry office.

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How to gently remove a dental crown. In the second photo note that the crown was sectioned through the middle from buccal to palatal. Also note in this photo that the crown was reduced interproximally so that the adjacent teeth would not be damaged; this is most important for crown removal. An elevator was placed into the slot preparation in the crown and gently twisted. The dentist should be careful to only twist the elevator within the crown and not to twist it within the underlying tooth structure otherwise tooth fracture could result. The cap (crown) came off in one piece.
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How to pictures: A simple method of dental crown – teeth cap – removal. Use a diamond bur to cut through porcelain and a metal bur to cut through the metal coping underneath. First reduce interproximal porcelain so you don’t damage adjacent teeth. Then after creating the occlusal pattern shown place an elevator or screwdriver into the slot and rotate the handle. The crown will typically slide off.
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Pictures showing how to gently remove an upper front porcelain dental crown.
1) Crown #9.
2) Cut through porcelain with barrel-shaped diamond at mid-labial.
3) Cut away interproximal porcelain contacts with flame-shaped diamond.
4) Pack cord before cutting crown
margin to protect gingiva.
5) Crown margin cut.
6) Elevator placed to gently loosen cement, don’t force it — the interproximal reduction gives room for the part of the crown being rotated off and protects adjacent teeth.
7) Tooth exposed. Differentiate metal in crown from the underlying tooth.
8) Crown removed in one piece.